Live Ventures

Live Ventures is a Diversified Growth Holding Company with a strategic focus on acquiring United States based middle market growth manufacturing and value-add distribution companies.

· About Us ·

Live Ventures Incorporated is a NASDAQ publicly traded company formerly known as LiveDeal, Inc.
In the fourth quarter of 2011 the company was saved from delisting by activist investor Jon Isaac after he took action to shore up the balance sheet with an investment. Jon Isaac became the CEO of the company in 2012, with the goal to restructure and rebuild the company. Live Ventures Incorporated was founded in 2015 with a sole mission to deliver shareholder value through the acquisition of profitable and
growing companies only. We invest in value.

Live Ventures distinguishes itself from competitors by its rigorous business model, extensive deal sourcing process and disciplined
investment criteria.

· Investment Criteria ·

We seek to make control only investments in mature companies in growing industries. We look for a solid history of profitability and a proven management team. Our target company has $40 million to $250 million in sales and $5 million to $15 million in cash flow. This particular segment of the market gives us a competitive advantage in terms of valuations. Our current strategic focus is on the manufacturing and value-add distribution space. We are sector agnostic and look to diversify our portfolio of subsidiaries. We buy companies with outstanding management teams who have a track record of realizing value and consistent cash-flows year in and year out. Since we are not a traditional Private Equity Fund we do not "flip" companies to another buyer in 3-5 years; instead we hold value indefinitely and help our companies grow organically and or through acquisitions. Live Ventures targets a minimum of 25% yearly IRR.

· Sell Your Company ·

We have a very simple but strict criteria. please contact us if you believe your business is a good candidate for our family of companies.

  • Our sole focus is to acquire companies which have demonstrated consistent earnings power (future projections are of no interest to us nor are “turnaround or distressed” situations).
  • Companies with a minimum of $5 Million in pre-tax earnings.
  • Management team in place (we can’t supply it).
  • Simple Businesses (if there is lots of technology, we won’t understand it).
  • Value (that’s pretty straight forward)

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and we are open to signing non-disclosure agreements.