Live Ventures Incorporated

Live Ventures Incorporated is a Diversified Holding Company with a strategic focus on acquiring U.S.-based middle market growth companies.

· About Us ·

Live Ventures Incorporated is a NASDAQ publicly traded company formerly known as LiveDeal, Inc., and originally incorporated in 1968 as Nuclear Corporation of New Mexico.

In late 2011 the company was saved from near bankruptcy and a NASDAQ delisting by activist investor Jon Isaac. Mr. Isaac became the CEO of our company, then known as LiveDeal Inc., in 2012, with the goal to rebuild the company. The company was transformed and restructured into a diversified holding company and renamed to Live Ventures, with the sole mission of delivering shareholder value through the acquisition of profitable, stable and growing companies. Today the company is profitable, having reported nearly $18 Million in net profit in its fiscal year ended 2016 and total assets of over $120 Million as of December 31, 2016. The company today employs approximately 1,200 across the United States.

Live Ventures distinguishes itself from competitors through its investment philosophy. Live Ventures acquires companies with the intention of owning them forever. Once an acquisition is made, Live Ventures invests millions into growth and capital expenditures, creating many jobs. It does not ‘flip’ its companies, nor does it adhere to the ‘buy-slash-sell’ private-equity model so prevalent today. As of April 2017, Live Ventures has never sold any company it has ever acquired.

· Our Companies ·

Marquis is a leading carpet manufacturer and a manufacturer of innovative yarn products, as well as a reseller of hard surface flooring products. Over the last decade, Marquis has been an innovator and leader in the value-oriented polyester carpet sector, which is currently the market’s fastest-growing fiber category. Since its founding in 1990, Marquis has built a strong reputation for outstanding value, styling, and customer service. Through its A-O Division, utilizes its state-of-the-art yarn extrusion capacity to market monofilament textured yarn products to the artificial turf industry.

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Since its founding in 1980, Vintage Stock has established a strong reputation for being America’s largest entertainment superstore. The chain offers a large selection of entertainment products including movies, video games and music products, books, comics, toys and collectibles all available in a single location. Vintage Stock buys, sells and trades new and pre-owned products through 59 ‘Vintage Stock’, ‘Movie Trading Company’ and ‘EntertainMart’ retail locations across Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, Arkansas and New Mexico.

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· What We Buy ·

We have a simple criteria for acquisition. please contact us if you believe your company is a good candidate for our family of companies.

  • Minimum pre-tax profits of $5 Million annually
  • Existing Management teams in place
  • Simple, easy to understand companies
  • Consistent and stable earnings

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and we are open to signing non-disclosure agreements.